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[Mike Swartz] 4 Powerful Candlestick Patterns

This Forex video covers four powerful candlestick patterns that I use in my trading. The way I use these patterns is slightly different than most trading books would tell you. What makes these so powerful is I combine these patterns with levels on the chart.

[LeonidasTrading] Webinar #2- Advanced Technical & Mental Approach to Trading

Vadim and Rob Public version webinar #1, Rob discusses internal conflicts in traders and how to start being in alignment with yourself and what you do in life.

[LeonidasTrading] Webinar #1 – Probabilities Trading in FOREX

In this introduction webinar I cover topics such as trading with probabilities, trade management, mind management, risk management, leonidas method, composite index charts and live QA session

[Mike Swartz] Forex Trading Strategy: Breakout Trade

This week FREE Daily Forex Bias demostarted how to trade a breakout trade. When Trading Forex not all trades will be winning trades and losing streaks as well as winning streaks come and go.

[Mike Swartz] Forex Trading Strategy: Reward to Risk Ratio

The Holy Grail In Forex Trading may not be as one would think. Most traders or newbies would like to believe there is a secret set-up, indicator or piece of software that would make them money hand over fist. The truth of the matter is that in trading regardless if you are trading Forex, Stocks, […]

[Mike Swartz] Forex Trading Strategy: Rules For Trading The Bullish Daily Forex Bias

In this video I show the trading strategy rules for trading the Forex Daily Bias profitably.

[Mike Swartz] Forex Trading Strategy: Rules For Trading The Bearish Daily Forex Bias

In this video I give the rules for trading the Bearish Forex Daily Bias.

[Mike Swartz] Forex Webinar “Price Action”

Here is the Recording from our last Free Forex Webinar “Price Action” . As you can see in the Video there is no sales pitch at all, Just content.