An advice for Forex traders who needs to Separate Emotion from trading

If you find yourself becoming unnecessarily emotional while trading, you
have to create a pathway for your mind to control the emotion with a strategy,
so you can regroup and restart trading. In times of consecutive losses, you are
likely to neglect the fact that trading itself is an extremely exhausting
activity. Anticipating and waiting for specific moment for a profit is not
something anyone can manage to maintain the consistency in quality.

You are holding onto the fate of your own decision and you are the CEO and
the employee at the same time. With so many consequences and real money at
stake, it is close to impossible to become rational. Rather, it is not natural
to keep your head cool nor light. However, there are facts to help you loosen
the pressure off of your shoulder so you can keep up your pace for your goal.

The point is that you are communicating with the market in the world of
probability. From the statistic point of view, the environmental factors and
the trader’s mind state is ruled by the following basic principles.

  1. Anything can happen.
  2. You can never know what will happen next.
  3. The win and defeat that you acquire from series of
    probabilities are ramdom
  4. Every moment of the market is independent
  5. Predominance is only an guideline of higher

Once you are comfortable accepting the above principles, you can observe the market more tangibly and can finally work your way towards professional trading. If you are anticipating about the market, it means you are already threatened by the fact that it has possibility to fail you. You must isolate the emotional fear from your choice of reaction by allowing the rational facts to prove its point.

Before you start trading, you’ve got to admit that the market can move towards
the opposite direction of your expectation. When you consider the potential
profits in any given trade position, there is a point where you cannot do
anything but to exit the position. Even if you try to invest more in it, there
is no worth to it. You must get your hands off from that trade without a single
doubt in your mind. Clean up regrets and the greed to return your investment.
Just think of it as an investment cost for your next profit. By doing so, you
are isolating the risk of emotional reaction that could harm your next move.

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