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How to increase monthly Profit up to 50 %: Forex Success Rule part.1

  Trade Forex as a Business – You wouldn’t dare to start a business without preparing what’s necessary. Yet, many people trying to become a successful trader, just jump into the market without investing in proper equipment. Be sure to have access to infrastructure that supports your business on any ongoing and emergency situation. This […]

How to increase monthly Profit up to 50 %: Forex Success Rule part. 2

Trade in Elastic and Dynamic Markets –we as swing traders, live off of immediate short-term move. Therefore, the markets must be active and liquid to have more opportunity to gain profit. To achieve Forex success, you should capture the short-term fluctuations and accumulate small profits from various trade entries. Bet on more chance to win […]

Controlling the trader’s confidence – being flexible yet stable.

We anticipatebased on the things that we already know, and when we truly believe somethingis right we tend to hope that our decision and confidence is sound. This is whyit is hard to become neutral or open-minded for any chance that we are wrong. It is notcomplicated to comprehend. If the market is moving towards […]

An advice for Forex traders who needs to Separate Emotion from trading

If you find yourself becoming unnecessarily emotional while trading, youhave to create a pathway for your mind to control the emotion with a strategy,so you can regroup and restart trading. In times of consecutive losses, you arelikely to neglect the fact that trading itself is an extremely exhaustingactivity. Anticipating and waiting for specific moment for […]

Psychological GRIT for your trading success: 5 VIRTUEs you must keep.

Flexibility If you are flexible enough to swiftly change your strategy in orderto follow the trend for the best result, you can minimize critical losses. Youmust understand the goal is to maximize the profit, not proving that you wereright. You can be wrong and sometimes very unwise. However, you can always tiltthe handle to be […]

Top 1% Successful Forex traders reveal their own ‘9 Trading Habits’

No matter how well someone analyzes the market and excelled in technical analysis, direct trading makes it difficult to achieve continuous performance. The success of an investment depends not on the technical strategy, but on the “psychological state of mind”. In order to be the basis of a psychological state of mind, we must think […]