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Forex Profit Strategy 101: Elliott Wave 9 Rules

Elliott Wave is consisted with 5 Motive (impulsive) waves and 3 Corrective waves. Wave 2 never retraces more than 100% of Wave 1. Wave 3 is never the shortest wave, while it is travels beyond the end of Wave 1. Also, its advancement is always bigger than Wave 1 or Wave 5. The starting point […]

Forex Profit Strategy 101: Fundamentals of Elliott Wave Principle

In 1939, Ralph Nelson Elliott proposed that behavior of stock market price, thus human crowd psychology is based on three elements: pattern, ratio and time. Furthermore, it was discovered that Elliott Wave structure is co-related with Fibonacci Ratio. Why you need to analyze wave: Among many Forex technical analysis that perceives in the view of […]

All Profiting Top tier traders have Forex Stop Loss strategy when entering position

  After many years of experience, a profiting top tier trader must realize how an uncontrolled set of trades can lead into catastrophe. Without Forex stop loss, you are vulnerable against slippages and it is the only way that you can protect yourself from emotional trading decision and unnoticed trading loss. All Forex traders cannot […]

What is Candlestick Chart?

In 1755, Candle chart was first invented by a Japanese rice merchant named Homma Munehisa who discovered that the psychological and emotional aspect of traders has critical influence on rice prices. Now widely used for technical analysis of a market, candlestick chart shows the high, low, open and closing prices of a market for a […]

How to read candle body and shadow.

What does length and color of candle body signify? Candlestick Chart Interpretation. The strength of candlestick chart comes from its visualization of market flow at a glance.If you can read the series of market movement, you can be able to predict the change in trend and the upcoming market behavior. Candlestick body color. The body […]

Different patterns of Candlestick part.1

Spinning top Candlesticks with long upper and lower shadow that has small real body are called spinning top patterns, which represents indecision of the traders. The small real body means little movement from open and close and the long shadows shows active struggle between buyers and sellers trying to gain upper hand, but resulted in […]

Different patterns of Candlestick part.2

Hammer and Hanging man has same characteristics, but depending on the prior trend, it distinguishes completely opposite reversal warning for the upcoming trend. As shown in the figure below, both hammer and hanging man patterns have small bodies, short upper shadows and long lower shadows. The Hammer The Hammer pattern occurs in a downtrend and […]

Different patterns of Candlestick part.3

Dual candlestick pattern The Engulfing Candles The bullish engulfing pattern is a bearish candle followed by a bigger bullish candle. This means buyers are preparing for strong upward movement after a recent downtrend or a period of consolidation. The bearish engulfing pattern is when the bullish candle is followed by a bearish candle engulfing the […]