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10 Commandments of Forex Trading that can make you successful.

The Commandment I : You ShouldConstantly Guard Your Capital Without capital, you’ve got nothing to trade. Buyingand selling any forex, by means of nature, has evident risks involved. However,you need to put down your capital on the table to gain profit. It is notfeasible to be right all the time, consequently, you need to guard […]

Get out of catastrophic Forex margin call: Forex Risk Management Method

  How do you determine the position size? Theposition size is counted in units of Lots. There are two aspects to look atwhen trading: account risk and trade risk. Following is the steps to identify thelot size. Limit the account risk for each trade. Most importantly, you should only risk 1~2 % of your account. […]

How to reduce eroding Forex slippages that rust your Balance?

    Forex slippage is more likely to occur intimes of higher volatility (perhaps due to market events) and it makes a marketorder at a specific price impossible to execute. Such times are when largeorders are executed, when market orders are used and when there is not enoughinterest at the desired price level to keep […]

Controlling the trader’s confidence – being flexible yet stable.

We anticipatebased on the things that we already know, and when we truly believe somethingis right we tend to hope that our decision and confidence is sound. This is whyit is hard to become neutral or open-minded for any chance that we are wrong. It is notcomplicated to comprehend. If the market is moving towards […]

An advice for Forex traders who needs to Separate Emotion from trading

If you find yourself becoming unnecessarily emotional while trading, youhave to create a pathway for your mind to control the emotion with a strategy,so you can regroup and restart trading. In times of consecutive losses, you arelikely to neglect the fact that trading itself is an extremely exhaustingactivity. Anticipating and waiting for specific moment for […]