Controlling the trader’s confidence – being flexible yet stable.

We anticipate
based on the things that we already know, and when we truly believe something
is right we tend to hope that our decision and confidence is sound. This is why
it is hard to become neutral or open-minded for any chance that we are wrong.

It is not
complicated to comprehend. If the market is moving towards what we’ve expected,
it couldn’t be better. However, Forex is a market of controlling loss, it is
certainly not a game of lucky win. When your anticipation doesn’t meet the
reality, you are not in the state to trade. The power of belief behind trader’s
confidence is what breaks us down to pieces. With our mind naturally
functioning to believe in our cognitive knowledge, it is not surprising to find
ourselves in confusion in Forex trade. Our unconsciousness always chooses to
evade the pain of accepting the reality, which is so commonly devastated every
minute in Forex market with your position entry. This is the constant battle
fated for any Forex traders in the market.

Imagine yourself
literally doing nothing and just observing the market. When your entry is not
in the market, you will not feel betrayed, anger or devastation, because you
have nothing to anticipate. You are simply observing the information and
learning about the market’s behaviors. Furthermore, the rise and fall momentum
and pattern is informative and educative.

When you have nothing to lose, so you anticipate nothing.

This is the state
that you must remember prior to your entry. Conclusively, the market’s
movements are not something that exists to make you miserable or feel defeat.
It is an informative source where you can learn from your experience and
something that you can master in future. When your anticipation does not
necessarily become a negative result, you are ready to learn and acknowledge
about the Forex market with objective viewpoint.

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