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Revealing Trading Strategy
that can make 1000 pip/month with Forex.

Free Forex live webinar
· We turn unprofitable traders into a trader who makes 30 pip daily,1000 pip monthly.

· Our Webinar’s strategy guide and chart analysis will bring profit to you
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SEP 09 – SEP 13, 2019
11:00PM(PT) 6:00AM(GMT)

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90 % of the Forex Traders
in the market doesn’t make profit.

Reasons Why Forex Traders Lose Money
Why Do 90% Of Traders Consistently Lose Money?

Common Traits of Fruitless Traders

  • Don’t have profitable trading strategy.
  • Can’t keep up the self-dicipline.
  • Excessive Lot betting
  • Trading with emotional judgment.

If You Don’t Perfect
Profitable Trading Strategy,
You Will end up getting Margin Call.

More than 80% of Forex Traders don’t have their own profitable
strategy, and they also trade alone without expert’s help.

Traders who trade on their own, will not make profit because they lack the resources to understand the market volatility, then get continuously margin call repeatedly.

Eventually, profit in forex is achieved by Developing authentic trading strategy, Learning from expert's insights, Keeping the trading principles with undying tenacity

After Webinar, You Will …

You Will Know Proper Lot Setup Ratio, According to Your Account Balance

You Will Learn Trading Strategy that Can Make 30 Pips Everyday

You Will Know Proper Lot Setup Ratio, According to Your Account Balance

You Will Be Able to Trade Without Margin Call

You Will Grow Trading Habit of a Top 1% Trader

You Will Set Your Own Suitable Trading Principle and Implement Continuously

Live Webinar Review

More than 1000 Mentored, 80% Rated 5 Star for the Webinar

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500 -> free, first 50 applicants, free webinar access
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$500 -> Free
  • First 50 Applicants,
  • Free Webinar Access

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