Top 1% Successful Forex traders reveal their own ‘9 Trading Habits’

No matter how well someone analyzes the market and excelled in technical analysis, direct trading makes it difficult to achieve continuous performance. The success of an investment depends not on the technical strategy, but on the “psychological state of mind”.

In order to be the basis of a psychological state of mind, we must think of all transactions as probabilistic thinking. Only those who have to think of all transactions as probabilistic thinking and those who have been mechanically trained to stubbornly maintain their own trading principles will be able to generate steady profits in this market rather than a temporary one. The moment you set yourself up and enjoy the principles of your own while you’re trading FX, you will soon be an expert.

Following are common trading habits which the top 1% of people earn profits steadily have commonly.

Compare them with your trading habits!

1. There are those who have their own specific entry, stop-loss, and clearing principles that are steadily profitable when past chart assignments are made, knowing the principle later is not so complicated and simple. The principle is not to trade the charts, but rather to break the charts by breakthroughs and advances.

2. By setting a limit amount to see the losses within a day, you can see losses within a month, you can see the losses within one week, the loss amount by that amount, During the period, you should establish your own fund management principles that do not deal anymore.

3. Think more importantly about how well you keep your principles, not how much you earn in a day.

4. Have enough leisure time to set your trading hours and to have your mind comfortable at that time.

5. Without thinking about what the chart will be like, keep your own trading principles that respond to charts according to the chart’s flow.

6. Thinking that ‘investment is a probability,’ even if a stop-loss occurs, it is considered a stochastic accident and steadily keeps its own principles.

7. At the time of the transaction, you should abandon your greed and settle in the principle of liquidation that you have set yourself with the idea of ​​trading only by principle. Be satisfied that you did not have to worry about trading more and kept this principle and took this amount of profits.

8. If you are struck by a stoppage, you will be confident that you will be able to come back to the next transaction if you follow the principle.

9. FX professionals are those who have made over 100 times the time we spend researching and analyzing FX charts. Even now, people are crazy about FX by dedicating all their passion to cultivate their skills in strategy.

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